Our audit services They provide high quality advice, where our experience and national and international knowledge in the different industries and market sectors stand out. 

The audit process of FH Consulting, is designed to focus on the key areas of risk, based on the operating characteristics of the company and its behavior.

Our partners and professionals they are prepared to analyze in depth and objectively all aspects of financial information, which allows them to identify the most significant risks.

A quality audit is vital to maintaining the credibility of financial reporting and the integrity of financial information. 

Each of our professionals is committed to delivering quality, reliable, and independent audit reports.

The audit methodology of FH Consulting it is an effective methodology that facilitates and improves audit quality. This transforms the traditional Audit process into a new structure to assess how a company's business risks are managed.

The advantage One of this approach is that it allows acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the business, including strategies, business risks and the processes to manage them, which results in an effective and efficient audit. It focuses on keys to success and key performance indicators that drive companies and allow us to add value through auditing.

Some of our services include:

  • Audit and limited reviews.
  • Advice on accounting and regulatory aspects.
  • Evaluation of internal control systems.
  • Accounting certifications and verifications.
  • Management training.
  • Support for government control activities.